IBE-BVI member: Covera

Covera Packaging offers a wide range of total solutions in glass, plastic packaging and beverage cans, as well as accessories such as caps, lids and pumps. Their product range includes various shapes and sizes of bottles, jars, jerry cans, buckets, barrels and more. Theu offer both standard and tailor-made products, including the development and creation of specific designs, repackaging, storage, decoration and arranging national and international transport.

At Covera Packaging, they attach great importance to sustainable use of packaging and also share their knowledge about this with their network. Customers can come to them for advice on recycled PET, bio-based and POP (Prevented Ocean Plastic) materials, which are an integral part of their range. The company makes a conscious decision to work with mainly European manufacturers, which contributes to fast service but also ecological advantages.

Since its establishment in 1946, Covera Packaging has experienced an impressive evolution, from a supplier of glass jars to a leading one-stop-shop for packaging in various industries, including food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, household products and beverages. Thanks to their long-standing expertise and a motivated team of packaging experts, they are a reliable partner for both large companies and SMEs.


Federico Bassotto June 7, 2024
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