Research, Consultancy & Recognitions

Research, Consultancy & Recognition

What we do:

IBE-BVI has a specific department for Research, Consultancy & Recognition. This department takes care of several tasks, such as research projects, yearly audits on FIBC's, ad Packaging diagnosis. 

Packaging diagnose

Packaging diagnose

Members of Valiapac and Fostplus will have the opportunity to have a half-day audit from IBE-BVI, where we will take a close look at the household and industrial packaging you use to market your goods in search of quick wins.

  • how sustainable is your packaging?
  • how can you optimise your logistics with the right packaging?
  • is all your packaging necessary?
  • are there more sustainable alternatives?

Through these questions and many others, our advisors will help you to make clearer choices regarding your packaging.

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