FIBC - ISO 21898

FIBC - ISO 21898

What we do:

IBE-BVI is one of the few labs that has invested in a state-of-the-art FIBC top lift test machine, which enables us to offer the full testing program specific for FIBC’s.  

We can carry out full testing programs consisting of ‘top lift tests’, ‘ drop tests’, ‘stacking tests’, ‘topple tests’ and ‘righting tests’.

Other tests can also be tailormade at specific customer request.

What do we do?

IBE-BVI is active in this area since 1986. Due to the growing demand, IBE-BVI has built a completely new automated device that complies with the existing standards and regulations. FIBC can be tested and certified following ISO 21898.

For different types of lifting devices (Four-loops, single-loop, tunnel-loop).

What do we test?

What do we test?

Single-trip flexible bulk containers (5:1)

For a SWL up to 4 000 KG.

Standard-duty reusable flexible bulk containers (6:1)

For a SWL up to 3 000 KG.

Heavy-duty reusable flexible intermediate bulk container (8:1)

For a SWL up to 2 500 KG.

Full test program for dangerous Goods

Up to 3200 KG. 


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