Wallonia: funds for the plastic industry

The Walloon government does not leave companies alone. A new action has been taken to help firms which work with plastic production, to help them survive in an environment which is strongly influenced by challenges linked to the environment, EU policies and rules, and a market which is complex in its structure.

The Walloon region decided to open a funding for all those companies in the plastic industry. The goal is to help them by offering support to promote, develop and integrate circular solutions.

The program aims to raise awareness and support the optimization of Walloon’s companies. This action offers customized support, according to the needs of the company.

The support can be applied in 3 different ways:

  • Free diagnosis of the company made an expert, which will identify areas of improvement in terms of circularity.
  • Those companies which already have concrete ideas for eco-design or circularity of their products can advance a request for assistance or a more intensive support.
  • Ad-hoc assistance which will allow the firms to ask specific questions of one or more experts to unblock or evaluate different solutions studied within the organization. Here there are two different types of help, depending on the duration of the project: short (max 20 days) or long (max 4 days).

From a financial point of view, companies will receive a subsidy of €750 per day per expert. For occasional help, the firms will receive up to €2,250, while for a short or long support, the amount could reach up to €30,000.

The program aim all those small and medium-sized companies which have the headquarters in the region of Walloon and work with plastic production.

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Post 6/11/2023

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Federico Bassotto March 1, 2024
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