The influence of EPR on Packaging industry

EPR is a policy mechanism designed to shift the financial and sometimes operational responsibility of the end-of-life management of products from consumers and the government to the producers of those products.

The idea of whole this process is to bring companies to improve and invest in more successful recycling packaging.

EPR laws has been adopted across Europe, five provinces of Canada, and four states in the US: California, Colorado, Maine, and Oregon. All of them have adopted the EPR with varying programs designs and variable impacts on packaging design.

The rising of EPR laws will bring, in the early development, to dialogue with the packaging value chain, to improve and increase the chances of having packaging solution which can fit better in the market and can meet the need of designers and recyclers.

However, what needs to be clearer in the EPR legislation development is the way to handle hard-to-recycle materials and the how to invest in the composting infrastructure.

The information of this article was taken from the PMMI Business Intelligence and AMERIPEN’s collaborative report, “2023 Packaging Compass”.

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Post 06/10/2023

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Federico Bassotto March 1, 2024
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