Global Agreement on Plastic pollution: 3rd session

The third session (of five) of the Intergovernmental negotiating committee (INC), which aims to develop a global agreement on plastic pollution, has come to an end.

The meeting lasted one week, and brought some positive outcomes, even though the presence and influences of lobbyist is threatening the integrity of the agreement and became a primary concern.

There has been an increase in the number of lobbyists, representing the plastics, petrochemical, and fossil fuel industries, registered for the INC-3, +36% from INC-2.

During the session, has been clear that the distance between the industries is big. The Member states failed to revise, in preparation of INC-4 the “Zero draft”, the document which proposes to facilitate the intergovernmental negotiating committee’s work towards the development of the international legally binding instrument on plastic pollution.

However, some progress on the treaty was made as delegates met in contact groups. Most of the participants agreed on the proposal of international cooperation, to have a stronger and stricter treaty. While the disagreements arrived over the path of this work, because of different interests and goals.

There are many intentions to succeed, the only obstacles are the different purposes and businesses, which are making slower the process.

The session concluded with the decision to plan the INC-4 in Ottawa, Canada, on April 21-30, 2024, while INC-5 will be held in Busan, Republic of North Korea.

IBE-BVI members advantage
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Post on 01/12/2023

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Federico Bassotto March 1, 2024
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