Wallonia: Notification of draft decree amending the decree on plastic bags

On 8 December 2023 the Walloon Government notified its draft decree amending the Decree of 6 July 2017 on plastic bags to Europe via the TRIS system (Technical Regulation Information System).

The TRIS-system aims to prevent the creation of barriers in the internal market. Member States notify their legislative projects to the Commission, which analyses them in the light of EU legislation. Member States can participate in this procedure on equal foot with the Commission and may also give their opinion on the notified drafts.

Under Article 4, the draft Decree puts forward a ban, applicable from 1 January 2025, on the use of any single-use plastic primary packaging, around unprocessed fruits and vegetables in retail premises and spaces as part of any contractual relationship or offer to contract between (1) traders, including their agents and subcontractors; and (2) customers or consumers.

The same article derogates from the prohibition of use:

  • unprocessed aromatic herbs;
  • organic unprocessed fruits and vegetables that are not identifiable in a manner different from that involving single-use plastic primary packaging, such as a label or laser engraving;
  • unprocessed fruits and vegetables which present a risk of deterioration when sold in bulk: (a) broccoli; (b) mushrooms; (c) salad; (d) corn salad; (e) nursery plants; (f) spinach; (g) sorrel; (h) edible flowers; (i) cranberries; (j) blueberries; (k) winter cherries; (l) sprouted grains; (m) raspberries; (n) strawberries; (o) blueberries; (p) blackberries; (q) gooseberries; (r) wood sorrel; (s) blackcurrants; (t) kiwis.

There is now a period from standstill until 11 March 2024.


IBE-BVI members can receive the draft of the Decree and the notification on simple request. Click here.

Post 12/01/2024

Federico Bassotto March 1, 2024
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