NEW RULES regarding recycled plastic content in SUP beverage bottles

Via implementing decision 2023/2683 of 30/11/2023 the European Commission lays down rules for the application of Directive (EU) 2019/904, the so-called SUP directive, as regards the calculation, verification and reporting of data on recycled plastic content in single-use plastic beverage bottles.

Some of the highlights are:

  • The European Commission implemented some terms to identify and calculate the recycled plastic content in plastic beverages. We can find, for example, “post-consumer plastic waste”, which means waste that is plastic and that has been generated from plastic products that have been placed on the market. Furthermore, there is “recycled plastic”, plastic which was post-consumer plastic waste before recycling and which has been produced by recycling;
  • A methodology for the calculation of the proportion of recycled plastic content in beverage bottles.
  • A methodology for the determination of the weight of the plastic parts of beverage bottles and the weight of recycled plastic in beverage bottles.
  • The obligation for Member States to collect data from economic operators and the verification of data.
  • The European Commission needs to prepare an amendment to consider recycled plastic in beverage bottles that is not obtained through mechanical recycling of PET waste by 31st March 2024. This amendment will include a methodology to calculate, verify and report the recycled plastic content in beverage bottles due to alternative recycling processes.

Decision (EC) 2023/2683 plays a key role in the process to achieve the requirements of Directive 2019/904, which aims to state that beverage bottles made of PET as a base material in the EU market must contain a minimum of 25% recycled plastic from 2025, and all beverage bottles a minimum of 30% from 2030.


Members can request a copy of the (EC) decision 2023/2683 by clicking the link.

Federico Bassotto March 1, 2024
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