New EU Hygiene requirements for materials in contact with drinking water are now published

On April 23, 2024, the new requirements for materials in contact with drinking water were published on the Official journal of the European Union.

These requirements will apply to the range of materials which comprehend products to be used in new installations for abstractions, treatment, storage, distribution of water or for repair works.

The implementation decisions lay down on the Directive on Drinking Water number 2020/2184 of 16/12/2020.

The new measures establish a positive list of starting substances, compositions, and constituents which have the authorization to be used in the manufacture of material that come in contact with drinking water.

Set testing methodologies for testing have been added and in the European positive lists.

The delegated regulations supplement  the drinking water directive by:

  • Introducing a procedure for adding new substances to the Positive List of starting materials, compositions, or constituents used in manufacturing products intended for contact with drinking water (Regulation (EU) 2024/369);
  • Defining conformity assessment procedures for products and establishing the rules for designating conformity assessment bodies involved in these procedures (Regulation (EU) 2024/370);
  • Setting harmonized specifications for marking products that come into contact with water intended for human consumption (Regulation (EU) 2024/371).

All the measures will enter into force on May 15, 2024. General application will be on December 31, 2026.


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Federico Bassotto June 10, 2024
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