JRC Technical report on test conditions for kitchenware: 4th edition now available!

The fourth edition of the set of test conditions to ensure comparability of measurement results reported in the frame of the implementation of official controls for kitchenware articles in contact with foodstuffs is now out.

 The new comprehensive tables of this fourth edition include important replacements in the guidelines for articles in contact with foodstuffs.

Test conditions for specific migration from plastics and plastic containing articles are based on expert judgment on the “worst case scenario”.

Shape, form, material and functionality of an article influence the determination of the foreseeable use, especially how the consumer expect to use that specific article.

There is no EU legislation on metals and alloys, silicone, rubber, paper and board in contact with food. Therefore, national legislation shall apply, and in the case of absence, the test conditions presented in these guidelines should be the one applicable.

The regulation No 10/2011 for plastic and plastic containing articles defines the food simulants to be used during migration tests.

This guide recommends other aspects related to migration testing, such as sample preparation, test type and considerations on the surface-to-volume to be used for the calculation of the result.

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Post 06/10/2023

Federico Bassotto March 1, 2024
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