Great news from IBE-BVI!

At IBE-BVI, we continuously strive to enhance and expand our training center. Our goal is to provide the most engaging and innovative topics for the packaging industry, delivered by top-tier speakers.

With that commitment in mind, we are thrilled to announce two new courses for 2024 that will enrich our offerings:

  • Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Report for Small and Medium Enterprises (11/06/2024): This half-day course focuses on the ESG report for SMEs, aiming to guide participants through the process and obligations for the upcoming years. In the EU, producing an ESG report is either a legal requirement or soon will be for most companies, including many SMEs. This introduction to CSRD/ESG is pertinent for company executives and managers across various departments such as Public Relations, Strategic Planning, HR, Production, R&D, Marketing, Procurement, Logistics, Finance, and Accounting. To learn more and register, click here!
  • Plastic Recycling (5/12/2024): This one-day course delves into the crucial topic of plastic recycling. The training session covers a range of subjects including definitions, recycling statistics, legislation, case studies, and more. To learn more and register, click here!

SPECIAL DEAL: Have you participated in any of these courses?

  • Wegwijs in verpakkingen uit kunststof – March 2023 session
  • Deep-dive into plastic packaging – December 2023 session
  • Wegwijs in verpakkingen uit kunststof – April 2024 session
  • Deep-dive into plastic packaging – October 2024 session

If so, we have exciting news for you! You are eligible for a 15% discount on our new "Plastic Recycling" training. Don’t miss out on this opportunity; enroll now!

Federico Bassotto April 30, 2024
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