Cold or Hot? At IBE-BVI we handle both. A new Climate chamber is ready for you.

Our “Material, Transport and Climate”- department (MTC) has some big news for you.

Since August we have added a new climate chamber in the catalogue of our equipment, the “Weiss Technik C-1000 Serie 70”, to offer the best performances as possible to our customers.

The new chamber allows us to expose the products from a minimum of -40°C to a maximum of 150°C. From shelf-life studies (ASTM F1980) to climatic studies (ISO 2233) and the preconditioning for transport simulations (ASTM D4169 or ISTA-series), this climate chamber makes sure that this is possible and that the needs of our customers can be fulfilled completely.

The new equipment not only offers a wide range of both temperature and humidity control but also provides particularly accurate control processes, even under varying test space loads. The total volume of this chamber is 1000 liters, which is ideal for a large variety of packaging, eliminating the need to utilize our much larger chambers.

Our MTC- team is ready to welcome your request and test your packages!

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Post 06/10/2023

Federico Bassotto March 1, 2024
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